Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunset at the Beach

Logan and Emma at Good Harbor Beach
Logan and Ms. Hollywood!

Puppa Thorpe's 95th Birthday

We had a great dinner with the Thorpe's to celebrate Puppa's 95th birthday. What a great accomplishment that few have achieved.

The kids had fun too with the frosting from the cake...
... that stained their tongues and made them hyper.

Logan's 1st Grade Reading Presentation

Logan is on the left. They dressed up and read a cute story to all the parents.
They did a great job. We wish we had remembered our camera and had a better picture than this cell phone photo to remember this experience.

Memorial Weekend

We always love spending memorial weekend in New Hampshire with Erin's family.
Logan (blue shirt) was able to be one of three flags-man to honor the veterans by changing their flags in the memorial day ceremony held in Langdon, NH. Erin has many brave ancestors buried in this cemetery. We were able to change all there flags and talk about there great legacy.

In Uncle Jim's garage we found Logan's new fort... or trap...
... I am still not sure which.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


For Mom's graduation the whole family flew in
from the corners of the U.S.
Mom's family: Aunt Allison, Grandpa, Mom, and Aunt Marianne

Love and support is how it was done.

Our family: Matt, Holly, Mom, Dad, Me, and Angie

We missed Texas Mexican food.

At the Alamo!

Cousins at the River Walk

Smile for the scary sharks.

Aren't they so cute!?!

It was a rough trip! I think I will put on my goggles and sleep the whole trip home.

Curious Critters

At the close of the school year, Emma's Joy School got together at a friend's house and had some curious critters to come and visit.
The snake came out of the cage and guess who was first...
gimmy... gimmy... gimmy!

On the other hand Emma was real excited until
the snake was around her neck... then a little iffy!

This frog peed in my hand... AWESOME!

Yup, peed in these hands too.

Can we hold this one too?

Does it bite? What does it eat... humans?

This is so cool!

I think this snake is really heavy and could probably swallow me.

This is so cool... I want a pet snake!

Huge snake

What do you mean some Gators can eat humans?

This is so cool... its like my own little baby...
can I take it home?

Once the show was over, some consolation was needed.