Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Road to Recovery

Here is Leah telling us what she thinks about all these tubes, wires, and being in the hospital.

Waiving, "Hello"

This is Leah in her cube. I am not really sure if it is mean or cute. It is kind of like she is in her own little world. Kind of like a little display box. Anyway, the cube provides warmth and humidified air. Upon admission into the hospital we were told she would probably be in for two or three days, then Monday we were told by the nurses not expect her home any sooner than Friday. Then all of our prayers started getting answered, as she reached mile marker after mile marker. Tuesday she started eating. Wednesday she had her I.V. taken out. Thursday she no longer required oxygen. The doctors think that if she keeps this up she will be able to go home Friday or Saturday. Just in time because we are sick of being in the hospital. Anyway, keep praying for her. We hope she will get to come home Friday afternoon.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Six weeks of peace, now back for more NICU fun!

Leah wasn't feeling well all day Thursday. That night Erin and I thought she was showing all the signs of RSV, so Friday Erin took Leah to see the Pediatrician. He immediately wanted us to take an ambulance to Boston Children's. Erin convinced the doctor that she could drive herself. Leah was admitted after 11 hrs in the ER. The only thing they accomplished was an x-ray and I.V. (after seven failed attempts). The doctors here seem to be really excited about spinal taps, both times Leah has been taken to the hospital they have wanted to do a spinal tap. A little over kill, if you ask us. We fought them off this time. Now after two days in the hospital Leah is showing signs of improvement. We hope she will get to come home around Tuesday. Side note: our church ward here has been the best we could have possibly imagined. They have jumped right in lightening our burden. Our home teachers and especially our visiting teachers have really stepped up serving as the Lord intended.
Here is a pic of Leah at the hospital when she actually stopped crying for a minute. She was pretty miserable yesterday and we are hoping and praying she gets better soon. The Nurses are taking good care of her.


Here are some cute pictures of our kiddos that I couldn't resist taking.