Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christmas 2010 in upstate NY

We celebrated Christmas in upstate NY at my sisters house. The Mom and Dad came up with Angie's family, but we missed Matt's family. That's right 8 adults and 10 children (6 below age 5) all under one roof in snowy upstate NY. It was a crazy and fun time.

Acting out the nativity for Grandma and Grandpa is a family tradition and an amazing experience.

This was one of the best Christmas vacations imaginable. We did it all, but in keeping with the Orton family traditions we forgot our camera, had a dead battery, or forgot to take pictures at most events. We snowmobiled, down hill skied, cross country skied, sledded, threw snow balls, built a snow man, played indoor and outdoor hockey, and ate tons of yummy home cooked food.

Holly and Erin leaving the lodge for more down hill skiing

Holly, Angie, and Erin cross country skiing at sunset

Grandma Donna (Holly's mother in-law) and Grandma Orton

Grandma and Grandpa at the lodge after cross country skiing.

Oh and of course we played dress up many times again and again.
Aren't Rebecca and Julie cute!

Where did Ms. Hollywood go?

I think she went that way.

Halloween 2010

Logan, Leah, and Emma at our ward building for the traditional "Trunk-or-Treat."

A bunny has never looked so cute
(note her new trick of griping the pacifier for discretionary access).